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President's Page
President - 2017
Marty Forte'
Calendar of DCCRW Events
(DCCRW Events in Bold)

6, 9:30-11:30 a.m. - Working DCCRW Board Meeting
20 @ DCRP HQ, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. - Club Presidents, Council Board, DCRP Chair & staff, and
11:00 - 12 noon - Parliamentary Procedure workshop

24-27 – TFRW BOD/Leadership Day, Georgetown

6, 9:30–11:30 a.m. - Working DCCRW Board Meeting @ DCRP HQ
7 (Wednesday), 6:15–8:30 p.m. - "Candidate Speed Dating" @ Museum of Biblical Arts

17 – DCRP Reagan Day Dinner with VP Mike Pence
20 – Early Voting begins for Primaries.

2 – Early Voting ends.
11 (Sunday) – Friends event with speaker, Hattie Bryant
13 (second Tuesday), 9:30–11:30 a.m. @ DCRP HQ · Runoff candidates invited.
· Communications/Social Media Training

24 – Senate District Conventions

1 – Easter Sunday
7 (Saturday), 9:30–11:30 a.m. – Working Board Meeting

13-14 – TFRW BOD, Austin
21 (Saturday) – North Texas "Connecting Conservative Women" event @ Richardson Civic Center (DCCRW support role)
23– Early Voting begins for Joint (Municipal) Elections.


1 (1st Tuesday) – Early Voting ends.
8 (second Tuesday) – DCCRW Evening meeting with program
– Early Voting begins for Runoffs.
18 – Early Voting ends.

June - August
No formal summer meetings scheduled.
Power Hour events to be held across Dallas County thru the fall.
Community Service Project will take place over summer months.

June 11-16 – Republican Party of Texas Convention, San Antonio

July 20-21 – TFRW Board Meeting, Austin

3 – Labor Day
8 (Saturday), 9:30-11:30 a.m. – Working DCCRW Board Meeting @ DCRP HQ
10 (Monday evening) DCCRW Fundraiser Dinner

2, 9:30-11:30 a.m. – DCCRW meeting with program @ DCRP HQ (Vote on Nominating Committee @ business meeting.)
12-13 – TFRW Board Meeting, Austin
22 – Early Voting begins for General Election.

2 – Early Voting ends.
3-5 – GOTV activities
10 (Saturday), 9:30-11:30 – Working Board Meeting @ DCRP HQ
13 (second Tuesday), 9:30-11:30 – DCCRW meeting with program @ DCRP HQ (Vote on slate @ business meeting.)


1 – Christmas Tea (tentative)

     January, 2018, President's Message

      Heartfelt thanks to Annette Ratliff for her leadership of DCCRW these last two years. We are privileged to have enjoyed the investment of her wisdom and gifts and time, in obvious ways and behind every scene. And I am blessed she is holding my hand and remaining involved in some key Council initiatives—such as the upcoming Candidate Speed Dating evening on February 7 (don't miss that!—see details repeated in this Reporter). Thanks to 1st VP Susan Fischer for holding my other hand with her gracious counsel and active involvement. Several from the 2017 Board are also helping us in the transition and lending expertise to current plans. Thank you all! The fabulous 2018 Board has already dug in and we will all work to carry forth!
      In this Reporter, we want to note the current things going on, and also get the 2018 calendar out so everyone can plan to participate in everything. (Please see full calendar below.) Each individual member of every Dallas County RW Club is an important member of DCCRW.
January 20 Powwow: We were delighted that representatives from nearly all our member Clubs came to DCCRW's gathering of Club Presidents, Council Board and DCRP leaders. Many thanks to Dallas County Republican Party Chairwoman Missy Shorey for sharing insights, and inspiring us to be more bold in connecting with politically-confused people and encouraging Republican voters to become Republican activists. It's clear the Democrats nationwide are focused on Dallas County. As Missy noted, we're the BULLS EYE. It's crucial all our Republican Clubs and all our members UNITE to get Republicans elected.
       Our thanks to Pam Meyercord for presenting the excellent Parliamentary Procedure workshop at this meeting. Club meetings should run better this year!
Community Service Project: Also at the January 20 meeting, our 1st VP Susan Fischer and Community Involvement Director Denise Ringer introduced our proposed community service project. We would work with District Attorney Faith Johnson's staff and support their initiative to build relationships in west and south Dallas through the sport of boxing (a big deal with the kids in these communities)! While the kids are boxing, Republican women would have opportunities to engage with the moms in Yoga exercises and presentations on subjects of mutual interest, such as crime prevention, nutrition and self defense. The proposal seemed to resonate well with the Clubs, and we are excited about getting this fleshed out. Stay tuned!
Republican Conventions: Please, everyone, plan to participate in this year's Convention process—your Precinct Convention, your Senate District Convention on March 24 and the State Convention June 14-16 in San Antonio. Click here for our National Committeewoman Toni Anne Dashiell's good one-pager on the Convention process. Note that DCRP is considering scheduling Precinct Conventions at a date and time after Primary Election night, to accommodate people working the polls and particularly those working away from their home precincts. The Executive Committee will decide this at its February 19 meeting.
TFRW Board Meeting and Leadership Day: Dallas County Republican Women had a strong showing at TFRW's first quarter Board Meeting and its big Leadership Day last week in Georgetown.
Miscellaneous notes:
• The prevailing message: Once our Republican Primary candidates are chosen, we must be UNIFIED for the General Election. Embrace everyone who votes Republican. There can be no litmus test, and no anger. Inspire, unite, achieve!
• TFRW plans to rename "Campaign Activities hours" to the more descriptive "Political Action hours," though there is no change in what qualifies for reporting (click here for current guidelines). A suggestion for regular collection of hours was to add a column to club meeting sign-in sheets and ask people on site to record their travel time to the meeting (which can then be doubled) and any time spent preparing for the meeting (time spent at Club meetings cannot be counted, but all planning, preparation and organizing can). On a related note, TFRW's Caring for America Chair Jill Tate announced plans to provide a separate form for collecting community service hours, which should not be lumped in with campaign activity/political action.
• Cindy Asche announced her candidacy for Republican Party of Texas Chair. (Vice Chair Amy Clark had previously announced she would not seek re-election, which changed the landscape.) Cindy is based in Frisco and is a member of RW of Greater North Texas, and had been serving TFRW most recently as Chaplain. She will run against incumbent Party Chair James Dickey, presuming he seeks to run for the new term. This election will be held at the State Convention in June.
• Threat and site assessment experts demonstrated how to react to an active shooter (Avoid, Deny, Defend). These are their suggested websites for self-training: http://iloveuguys.org/, http://www.forcescience.org/,
https://alerrt.org/, https://training.fema.gov/ (enter"IS-
       Note from the calendar that there is no business meeting in February, but all are welcome to attend our working Board Meeting on Tuesday morning, February 6, and we hope everyone will RSVP and bring a friend to the Candidate Speed Dating event on February 7!
        For the sake of good government,
Marty Forte'

Dr. Merrill Matthews of IPI
Reagan Day Dinner, 2014
About Marty:

Passing the Gavel, December, 2015
Sen. Huffines Recognizes DCCRW
Incoming President for  2018, Marty  Forte', with outgoing President, Annette Ratliff.