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Club Membership Roundtable
November 5, 2011
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Archives - Membership Roundtable
DCCRW Club Membership Roundtable – A Roaring Success!

If you slept in on Saturday, September 24, you missed it!  Here is what others had to say about the DCCRW Club Membership Roundtable...

“Thank you for an excellent meeting. What a special treat to have Jan Ott speak to us. A special thank you for a job well done.”  - Barbara Nelson, President Bentwood RWC 

“The program was interesting and beneficial. I applaud your goal of educational programs to help the clubs grow!” - Joyce Howard, President Irving RWC

“I agree with the e-mails I have read that the Membership Rotatable was great.  A BIG thanks to everyone involved, especially the speakers. Here's a few of the things that really made an impression on me.  Jan Ott, TFRW, said it's okay to have members who only want to come to meetings.  The whole club should participate in membership and when we have a potential member come they should be welcomed.  Also, the importance of a strong Board and having regular board meetings. I know I have received invitations to various summer socials and have not been able to attend but I think this is a very good idea for clubs who don't meet in the summer.”  - Clare Gates Mesquite RWC

“It was fun, focused and fabulous.  Jan Ott needs to move to Dallas and join First Republican Women!  Thanks so much to everyone who participated! “  - Dalene Buhl, President First RWC

“Ditto to everything the others have emailed! Thanks for so many Practical, Useful Ideas.  And thanks to those who brought examples of their own Good Ideas, as well!  It was a morning well-spent.”  - Betty Dawson, President Dallas Downtown RWC

“Thank you to all that worked on this...lots of great ideas!!”  - Linda Butts Dallas Star

“I want to send great big thanks to all of you. It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I was so thrilled that you had a special meeting focusing on membership. It was a wonderful plan to have other clubs talk about some of the good ideas that they have and what has been successful for them. Your enthusiasm is very rewarding.”  - Jan Ott TFRW Vice President, Membership

Club officers utilizing committees to complete tasks, immediately engaging new members on a committee, welcoming guests, EVERYONE works on membership, membership event ideas - these were just some of the concepts that the 31 eager and energized attendees engaged in that Saturday morning.
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